ASP .Net MVC Syllabus

C# .Net
Object Oriented
Exception Handling
Collections & Generic
Delegate & Events
Nested Data
Bootstrap 4 (New)
Learn semantic HTML5 & modern CSS3 techniques
Learn and create amazing high quality Bootstrap 4 themes and UIs from scratch
Build Responsive Websites
Bootstrap Components
What is MVC and why MVC?
MVC Architectural Pattern
Understanding Model, View & Controller
Creating a Simple MVC Application
Understanding MVC Application Folder Structure
Creating a Model class
Creating a Controller with Action methods
Understanding Action methods and different type of Result types
Creating a Strongly-typed View with @model and accessing data using @Model
Understanding Nuget Package Management System
ASP.NET MVC Request Life-Cycle and Routing System
Understanding ASP.NET MVC Request LifeCycle
Understanding MVC Routing System
Creating a RoutingConfig.cs in App_Start folder
Creating Custom Routes with Custom URL Patterns
Razor, HTML Helpers, Layout & Section
Understanding Views in MVC
Getting friendly with Razor Syntax
Using HTML Helper methods to generate HTML in View
Creating Custom HTML Helper methods to generate custom HTML in View
Using Layout.cshtml to maintain consistency across all the Views
Creating Sections using @section in Views and Rendering them using @RenderSection in Layout.cshtml
Data Passing, Forms & Model Binding in ASP.NET MVC
Data Passing from Controller to View using ViewBag
Data Passing from Controller to View using ViewData
Data Passing from Controller to View using TempData
Data Passing from Controller to View using Model and ViewModel
Understanding HttpGet and HttpPost attribute verbs for Action Methods
Understanding Model Binding feature
Benefits of Model Binding
Accessing Form data in Controller using Model Binding
Accessing Form data in Controller using Model Binding with ViewModel
Accessing Form data in Controller using Form input fields as parameters in action method
Form Validation in ASP.NET MVC
Understanding Form validation in MVC
Server-Side validation using ModelState.IsValid
using Validation attributes from System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations
Downloading jQuery Validate and jQuery Unobtrusive files for Client-Side Validation
Using ValidationMessageFor and ValidationSummary for generating Client-Side validation messages
Creating Custom Validation attributes
Doing Validation using class-level model validation
Data Access using ADO.NET Entity Framework
Understanding what is an ORM
Introduction To ADO.NET Entity Framework
Benefits of ADO.NET Entity Framework
ADO.NET Entity Framework version history
Understanding Different approaches of EF
Getting started with EF Code-First approach
Downloading and Installing EF using Nuget Package Manager Console
Writing Data access code using EF
Introduction To ASP.NET WebAPI
Understanding HTTP Basics
Creating ASP.NET WebAPI 2 project
JSON basics
Creating action methods using IHttpActionResult
Writing CRUD operation methods
Using PostMan to Test the API’s
Consuming WebAPI JSON Data using AJAX & jQuery DataTable
Real-Time Project