C C++

Written by creation2018, June 28, 2018

Introduction What is C++? Why C++? C and C++ Exception Handling Object Oriented Programming Standard Template Library Types and declarations Booleans Integer Types Floating-Point Types Sizes Void Enumerations Declarations Pointers, Arrays and Structures Pointers Arrays Pointers into Arrays Constants References Pointers to void Structures Expressions and Statements A Deck Calculator Operator Summary Statement Summary Comments […]


Written by creation2018, June 28, 2018

Android Introduction And Software Installation Android Basics Activities & States Check Box, Radio Button, Button Icons Widgets, Pixels & Layout Event Handling Gestures & Fragments Buttons And App Design Text & Animations Intents Threads Services & ListView All About Databases Working With Multimedia Preferences Game Development Using Maps In Android Application Using Action Bar In […]


Written by creation2018, June 28, 2018

Python Basics Python with Linux (Writing python files in Linux) Variables and Keywords Conditional Statements Loops Tuples, Lists, Dictionaries Data Structure: Stack, Queue Functions Classes Python magic methods Inheritance Modules Iterator, Generator and Decorators Exception Handling Python Web Framework Flask / Django Python testing Framework Unittest / Pytest Data Analysis It includes Python Basics Python […]


Written by creation2018, June 28, 2018

Quantitative Aptitude Basic Numbers Operation on numbers Decimal Fraction Simplification/Calculation Square & Square root Cube & Cube root HCF & LCM Average Ages Percentage Time & Work/ Pipe & Cisterns Chain Rule Ratio & Proportion Partnership Speed,Time & Distance(General problems,Trains problems,Boat & Stream) Aligation & Mixture Simple Interest Compound Interest Profit & Loss Clocks Permutation […]

Dot Net

Written by creation2018, June 28, 2018

Getting Started What is MVC and why MVC? MVC Architectural Pattern Understanding Model, View & Controller Creating a Simple MVC Application Understanding MVC Application Folder Structure Creating a Model class Creating a Controller with Action methods Understanding Action methods and different type of Result types Creating a Strongly-typed View with @model and accessing data using […]


Written by creation2018, June 28, 2018

HTML Introduction to HTML HTML Tags Creating Forms Creating tables Managing home page CSS Introduction to CSS Three ways to use CSS CSS Properties Designing website Working with Templates Java Script Introduction to Javascript Three ways to use Javascript Working with events Client-side Validation Introduction to PHP Evaluation of Php Basic Syntax Defining variable and […]


Written by creation2018, June 28, 2018

Bootstrap 4 TypeScript Object Oriented Advanced TypeScript What is Angular? Architecture overview Modules NgModule metadata Components Templates, directives, and data binding Services and dependency injection Routing Attribute directives Pipes Angular libraries Forms Binding to user input events Get user input from the $event object Form Validation Bootstrapping HttpClient Getting JSON data Error handling Making Get […]

Java J2EE

Written by creation2018, June 28, 2018

Java J2EE Training Pune

Core Java Fundamentals Understanding environment set up for Java and its features Overview of Eclipse IDE, setting up a project and running a Java application Data types, variables, keywords Primitive data types v/s class/object types Conditional statements: if, if-else, if-else-if, switch Looping statements: for, while, do-while Branching statements: break, continue Understanding enumerated data types Understanding […]

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