Asp. Net MVC Training Pune

Written by creation2018, September 7, 2018

ASP .Net MVC Login Signup Crud Part 1 ASP .Net MVC Login Signup Crud Part 2 ASP .Net MVC Login Signup Crud Part 3

MS SQL Training (Joins) Part-4

Written by creation2018, September 3, 2018

SQL Joins 1. Inner Join 2. Outer Join a.Left Outer Join b.Right Outer Join 3. Self Join Inner Join select O.OrderId,C.Name as CustomerName, C.Email, C.Mobile, C.City, P.Name as ProductName, P.Price, O.OrderDate,(O.Quantity*P.Price) as TotalPrice from Orders O join Customers C on C.CustomerId=O.Customer_Id join Products P on P.ProductId=O.Product_Id;

MS SQL Training (Clause) Part-3

Written by creation2018, September 3, 2018

MS SQL Clauses Where In Between Like Order By Group By Having create table Customers( CustomerId int Primary key, Name varchar(100), Email varchar(100), Mobile varchar(20), City varchar(20) ); select * from Customers; insert into Customers values(1,’Aditya’,’[email protected]’,’9876453789′,’Pune’); insert into Customers values(2,’Sumit’,’[email protected]’,’8676453778′,’Mumbai’); insert into Customers values(3,’Sanket’,’[email protected]’,’9879032451′,’Nagpur’); insert into Customers values(4,’Manish’,’[email protected]’,’7689675847′,’Delhi’); insert into Customers values(5,’Tushar’,’[email protected]’,’9834577623′,’Pune’); select * from […]

MS SQL Training (Constraints) Part-2

Written by creation2018, September 2, 2018

SQL Server contain 6 type of constraint 1. Not Null 2. Primary Key 3. Unique 4. Default 5. Check 6. Foreign Key NOT NULL : Using Not Null Constraint we can make a column who doesnot accept null value mean we have to provide some value into that column. create table Customers( CustomerID int not […]

MS SQL Training (Basics) Part-1

Written by creation2018, September 2, 2018

Requirement for MS SQL Development Download SQL Express 2014 from microsoft website and install on your system by clicking on run as administrator.Link is here than open MSSQL Management Studio select Server Type : Database Engine Server Name : ComputerName\SQLEXPRESS Authentication : you can choose either Windows Authentication or UserID and Password Based SQL Server […]

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